SPC International Polo Handicaps



    • Alex de Lisle is from the U.K. and started playing polo at the age of 11 years. He played throughout his tenure at Eton; winning the Schools Tournament and Schools Player of the Year Award in 2001. He capped an impressive youth career by winning the British Young Player of the Year Award in 2003. He was honoured to represent Young England in the U.K., Argentina, Chile, South Africa, France and Jamaica. de Lisle played polo professionally in the U.K. for five years (2004-2008) as a 2-goal player before moving to Singapore in 2009 to pursue a career in wealth management. Married, with two children. He has now achieved a 3-goal handicap and is fortunate to be playing polo around the region.

    • Satinder Garcha is a 2-goal player and has participated in numerous tournaments around the globe, including Argentina, England, Spain, Barbados, Russia and India.  He represented Singapore in the Zone D World Cup Playoffs in Lahore, Pakistan (2003) and again as Captain of the Singapore National Polo Team that won a silver medal at the 2007 South East Asia Games held in Bangkok, Thailand. More recently, he (and his Elevation Polo Team) was a finalist at the Harrison Cup and Holden White Challenge at Cowdray Park Polo Club (U.K.) during the month of July.

    • Roon Kai who is born and raised in Singapore, is currently a student at University of Sydney, Australia. He started riding at Singapore Polo Club at the age of 9 and played polo at 15. Currently, he holds a polo handicap of 1-goal and just recently finished his first competitive season in Sydney after a 3-years hiatus in polo. He has played polo in Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Korea and New Zealand. He hopes to travel and play in Europe, China and India someday.

    • Ameer is the 3rd generation of polo players in the Jumabhoy family. An up and coming player, he is grateful to his family especially his dad, for the opportunity to experience the greatest game on earth.

      He started playing with the team at 18 years old playing in the medium goal league (6-8 goals) in Malaysia. The next season in 2009, Ameer became a part of the team in the International League Tournaments (12-14 goals) and was part of the team that won the 2010 RSPC International. Ameer is also a member of the Singapore National Team and has won the Audemars-Piguet International Gold Cup in Singapore twice.

      While a student at Rice University, Ameer started the Golden Goals initiative to bring polo to the masses and to raise the profile of the sport internationally. Ameer has brought this mission to the US, Malaysia and Pakistan and has raised over $200,000 for various social causes around the world through polo.

    • Asad Jumabhoy started riding at the Singapore Polo Club in 1966. Since then he has participated in both polo and equestrian competitions internationally. He came second in the First Asian Showjumping Championships held at in Tokyo, Japan in 1982 and participated in the Asian Games trials in 1986, Seoul.

      Asad's affair with polo started in 1971 and his experience ensured that he held a handicap of +3 for over two decades. Asad has played in the SEA Games in 1983 and again in 2007 winning the bronze and silver medals respectively as part of Team Singapore. He also bore the Singapore banner at the 2003 Polo World Cup.

      The +1 defensive player is now an Ambassador of the Federation of International Polo and enjoys mixing with polo-loving people from across the globe.

    • Ali is a 1-goal player and has participated in numerous tournaments around the region, including Australia, Argentina, Dubai, Thailand and South Korea. Ali is an architect who owns and runs ar+d; www.arplusd.net a boutique design firm in Singapore; designing and building prestigious projects globally.  Ali caught the "polo bug" when designing & building the well known Desert Palm Polo Estate in Dubai, UAE. Ali has been playing for the last 6 years and now has the privilege of playing with his daughter who also plays at the SPC.

    • Lynly Fong started riding when she was just seven years old at the Singapore Polo Club, but only started playing polo at the age of 20. Lynly has a 0 goal handicap and at present holds the highest handicap for women in Asia. Lynly had a fantastic 2012 season where she was awarded MVP (Most valuable Player) 3 times; the Singapore Invitational Pro/Am, the Jaegar-LeCoultre Malaysian Ladies International and the Singapore Ladies International and went on to win the EFS Polo Player of the year 2012.

      Her whole family is horse crazy. Husband Jonathan plays Polo and her 2 children Tia and Jed ride every week. Their holidays normally include Polo including a yearly trip to Argentina.

    • Jeff Hardee has a 0 goal handicap. He started riding at the age of 12 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and began his polo career at the age of 13. He has also participated in amateur horse racing. Jeff stopped playing polo at the age of 15 and then resumed his polo career in Singapore in 1993. He has participated in many tournaments in Singapore and Malaysia, including the Rolex Cup. His favourite horse at the Singapore Polo Club is Tobiana as she is agile, dependable and has a lot of heart. In addition to polo, Jeff enjoys playing squash, running and spends a considerable amount of time running a business software alliance.

    • Isabelle Larenaudie has been married and has two children, She started playing polo in Singapore in March 2007 and was a member of the winning team at the Singapore International Women’s Polo Tournament from 2007-2009. She has also played women’s international tournaments in Thailand, winning in 2010 and also being chosen “Most Valuable Player” on this same occasion! In addition to Singapore and Thailand, Isabelle has travelled to Australia and Korea for polo events.

    • Ali Namazie started riding in the late 1960s and began playing polo in his teen years. He has participated in numerous Club tournaments and has also played polo in Malaysia and Thailand. Ali is a Physics Professor by profession.

    • Stijn Welkers: all about fun, games and enjoying life to the full, Stijn is a polo tourist (usually with a camera on his helmet) playing wherever and whenever he can. Playing off 0 goal handicap, he has travelled to many countries during a sabbatical in 2011 and visited polo clubs in South Africa, Argentina, Nicaragua, Wellington Florida, Barbados, New Zealand, Korea, China and Thailand. Stijn’s most memorable polo experience overseas was with the Genghis Khan Polo Club in Mongolia in 2010. Stijn started polo in 2006 and was voted “Most Improved Player” of the Thai Polo League as well as the Singapore Polo Club in 2009. In 2010, Stijn was part of the winning team of the International Pro/Am and the Audemars Piguet International Polo Tournament in Singapore. In 2012, he won his first ever "Most Valuable Player" award in Tang Polo Club in China. Stijn works in the computer games industry and is married.

    • Gerry Gan, a former golf addict who one day discovered polo being played next to his home golf course in Shanghai, threw his clubs out of bounds and changed them for polo mallets and has never looked back since. Now playing off 0 goal handicap, Gerry is a partner in WongPartnership LLP, a leading law firm in Singapore.

    • Imran Jumabhoy has been riding since the age of six, and made the jump to polo about five years ago. Since then, he has participated in many tournaments in Singapore, as well as played overseas in India, Argentina, Thailand and the UK, where he currently represents and has been awarded a blue for Cambridge University. He has been a nationally carded Team Singapore athlete and won Best Young Player of the Year in Singapore in 2009.

    • Lawrence Khong has been playing polo for about twenty years. His work takes him around the world and he has the opportunity to play polo in Palm Beach (USA), Santa Barbara (USA), Hurlingham (Argentina), South Africa and Australia. Besides polo, he spends many weeks each winter snow skiing on the slopes in the United States. He is also a world renowned magician and illusionist.

    • Vinod started riding 2.5 years ago and polo last season. He is the CEO of Tata Communications, a job which takes him traveling around the world. In spite of a busy schedule he has managed to play in Thailand, New Zealand, England, South Africa and in Barbados. He is passionate about polo and loves the speed, team work and horses that makes it such a great sport.

    • Anna has been playing polo at the Singapore Polo Club since 2005. She plays off a 0 handicap and has played in the UK, Thailand and Australia. Anna and her husband Graham Cox have 3 children, Thomas 5, Scarlett 3 and Georgia 1, who were all born in Singapore.

    • Melissa Tiernan started playing at the Singapore Polo Club 7 years ago. She keeps horses in Singapore and Thailand, where she plays during the Singapore off-season. Together with husband Gary, they play as GTM team. Melissa has two children Nico and Sasha who are regular visitors to the Singapore Polo Club, participating in Pony Club activities. Melissa also enjoys skiing and yoga.

    • Keith is the second son of our polo player, Yeo Kuo Lee and started playing polo at the age of 12 years old.

      He played polo in Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand and Mongolia.  He has participated in tournaments in Malaysia and Mongolia and holds a polo handicap of 0.

      He has won the Royal Selangor Polo Club Merdeka League 2010 as well as the British Polo Day, Pelham Bell Pottinger Cup in 2011.

    • Ban Tong started playing polo in 1991 and has participated in many local and overseas tournaments. His team won the Singapore International Polo Tournament 2011 and he was awarded the Most Valuable Player in the Singapore Open 2012. He has also participated in overseas tournaments held in Australia, China, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.

    • Leon Chu started playing polo at the Singapore Polo Club in 1986.  Leon is a jeweller by profession.  He has two children, Elliott and Carmen, and together with his wife Crystal, are frequent visitors to the Singapore Polo Club.  Leon was Singapore Polo Club president in 2011/2012.  He has played polo in China, Korea, Mongolia, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand, and has also played elephant polo tournaments in Thailand.

    • Ronnie Lim, as a boy, had dreams of riding a horse like the cowboys, a dream he realized in his adult years. (Four years on and) Fuelled by his passion for horses riding and polo, he established Paisano Polo Academy in Singapore in 2012. That same year, his team won the inaugural Singapore Open held at the Singapore Polo Club (SPC). A member of SPC, Ronnie plays and trains regularly in Argentina with Canchi Andrada, in Singapore with his professional Nicolas Pieroni, and in Thailand, where his team recently won the King’s Cup. Ronnie currently plays off a 0 handicap and off the field, Ronnie is a dedicated husband and father of five.

    • Kuo Lee has been playing polo since 1970s. He has participated in many local tournaments and played in many countries such as Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, India, Brunei and Malaysia. His 3 sons, Clifton, Keith and Creighton are all playing polo at the club. Clifton and Keith were awarded the Most Valuable Players in the last British Polo Day tournament.



    • Ali is Singaporean polo player. Ali has been playing polo from the age of 14 and is the third generation of polo player in the Jumabhoy family. In the future Ali would like to play in a variety of countries in order to gain experience and sample different cultures from around the world. Aside from polo, Ali hopes to pursue a career in law.

    • Melissa Ko started riding at the Singapore Polo Club when she was 10, and made the move from the dressage arena to the polo field 5 years ago. She has 2 ponies, Sandy and Daniela. Besides playing regularly in Singapore, Melissa has also been to Argentina, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines to play. Her other interests include traveling, reading and running.

    • Ian has been a long standing member of the Club.  He is a certified HPA umpire and umpires and referees regularly in the tournaments at the Club. He is an architect and has his own practice in Singapore since 1976.

    • April started to learn to play polo in England at both the Royal Ascot and Hertfordshire Polo Clubs. April joined the Singapore Polo Club in 2006 with her husband, who is also an active player. Together they have also played polo in Australia, Thailand and India. They have two children.

    • Greg Parkhurst is an Australian who has been living in Singapore for the many years with his family, Samantha, Sophie and Max all of whom are very active riders down at the Club

    • While working in Pakistan in the 1980s Elaine got her first taste of polo when she was invited to ride at Shandur Top, the highest polo field in the world. Unfortunately work kept getting in the way so it was another 20 years before she finally picked up a polo stick.

      The polo bug has now been caught by the rest of her family: son Warwick plays for Loughborough University and her husband Ross has also decided to give it a go. Elaine’s polo has had some inconvenient interruptions over the years but she is forever thankful to her faithful steed Jota for her loyal support!

    • Ranbir Singh learned to play polo at the Singapore Polo Club. It all started when Ranbir attended a corporate function at the club and was so impressed by the game that he bought a membership a few days later and never looked back (notwithstanding a few hiatuses). Ranbir is married with two children all of whom have caught the “polo bug”. Ranbir is currently regional head of legal & compliance at an international bank (but somehow finds time to play!).

    • Tan Hock is 70 years old and has been playing polo since 1989. He has participated in many tournaments and his most memorable experience was winning the Rolex International Polo tournament in 1999. He has played polo in many countries such as Argentina, Australia, China, Korea and Malaysia.

    • Yvonne Twiss has been playing polo since 2000. She joined the Singapore Polo Club because she wanted her children to learn to ride. After a short return to show jumping, she decided to switch polo.  Polo has become a great family sport for Yvonne, with both her sons, Alex and Giles playing to a high standard. Yvonne is single and has travelled to many other countries including Australia, USA, India, Malaysia and England to experience the game. Aside from polo, Yvonne has spent her entire career in Singapore spanning some 20 years in the commodities derivatives industry.

    • Clifton is the eldest son of our polo player, Yeo Kuo Lee and started playing polo at the age of 13 years old.  Currently, he is serving his national service as an officer in the Singapore Armed Forces.

      He played polo in Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand and Mongolia.  He has participated in tournaments in Malaysia and Mongolia and holds a polo handicap of -1.

      Clifton has also recently won the Young Player of 2012 awarded by the Equestrian Federation of Singapore.

    • A lawyer by training and a diplomat by profession, Dominic started learning polo in Australia. He is currently hooked and has been playing since 2010. Apart from Singapore, he has also played in Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and in the USA.