Club Notices

Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting and Attendance List

In compliance to Rule 36f of the Constitution, the Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting held on
15 August 2023 is hereby posted for your viewing.

The Constitution provides as follows, Rule 36f:

"Provided there is no objection to the minutes after being displayed for a minimum period of two weeks, the minutes shall be considered as a fair record of what took place. If any objection is received from any Voting Member, the President shall consider the objection(s) and make any correction he considers necessary. The minutes shall again be posted as a fair record of what took place. In any event the minutes of the Annual General Meeting and the Extraordinary General Meeting are to be ratified at the next Annual General Meeting"

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Click here for the minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting.


Honorary Secretary

Closure Of Jackpot Gaming Room

31 August 2023

Dear Members,

Over the years, our Jackpot Gaming Room has provided a space for members to engage in recreational gaming activities and to have fun. However, we have observed a noticeable decline in patronage over recent times. This decline in footfall, combined with regulatory tightening in the gaming industry, has posed challenges for us in maintaining the room's operations at the desired level.

The regulatory landscape governing gaming activities has undergone significant changes since 2017, leading to increased taxes, fees, and compliance requirements. While we have made every effort to adapt to these changes, it has become evident that continuing the operation of the Jackpot Gaming Room would result in a projected future deficit that could impact the overall financial health of Singapore Polo Club.

In light of these circumstances, after careful consideration and evaluation by the Committee, the decision has been made to close the Jackpot Gaming Room. This decision aligns with our commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability and prosperity of Singapore Polo Club.

We understand that this news may be disappointing to some of our members who have enjoyed the facilities and experiences the Jackpot Gaming Room has offered. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause. We assure you that this choice was not made lightly and was driven by our dedication to preserving the club's overall vitality.


With a sense of responsibility and a heavy heart, we announce the upcoming closure of our Jackpot Gaming Room effective 30 October 2023 [Last day of Jackpot operations].

Thank you for your understanding, continued support, and unwavering loyalty. We are confident that together, we will continue to uphold the legacy and prestige of Singapore Polo Club.


On behalf of Singapore Polo Club

Hogberg Fred Rickard Robin William
Honorary Secretary

Club Operating Hours On Polling Day For Presidential Election 2023

Please note the Club's operating hours on Friday, 1 September.

Front Desk: 7.30am to 8pm
Gym: 9am to 6pm
Jackpot: 12pm to 10.30pm
Atoms Polo Loft: Closed
The Wellness Studio: By Appointment
Coriander Leaf & The Polo Bar: 6pm to 11pm for dinner (Last order at 10.15pm)
The Paddock Bistro: 8am to 10pm (Last order at 9.30pm)
Riding Office: Closed
Polo Office: Closed

Results Of Extraordinary General Meeting Held On 15 August 2023


16 August 2023

The Club's Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 15 August 2023 where a resolution has been submitted:

1. To approve the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to be entered between the Equestrian Federation of Singapore ("EFS") and the Singapore Polo Club ("SPC").

2. To authorise the Committee to negotiate, enter into and execute a licence agreement and a service agreement with EFS on terms to be agreed between the Committee and EFS and which shall capture the terms and conditions set out in the MOU, in particular:

2.1 SPC shall pay to EFS a sum of SGD2.3 million including any applicable stamp fees & GST in advance in return for uninterrupted use of 72 boxes and current auxiliary facilities and shared use of a Stick & Ball
Arena at NEP for a term of 10 years from 4 August 2024 as the extension of the abovementioned
State Lease provides;

2.2 Separately, SPC shall donate to EFS SGD1.2 million spread annually over 10 years, as set out under
Clause 2 (1) (e) of the MOU.

2.3 EFS shall appoint SPC as the service provider in relation to the management and operation of the NEP for a term of 10 years from the extension of the above-mentioned land lease with SPC entitled to a share of net surplus.

The Resolution was voted upon with all in favour.

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Honorary Secretary