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Riding - An Extraordinary Sport

No other club offers the unique chance for members of all age and ability to participate in this timeless combination of balance and speed - horse riding. At the Singapore Polo Club, fully-equipped facilities and a dedicated staff of certified teaching professionals ensure that all riders learn the basic fundamentals of riding, posture and balance.

Horses are selected in accordance with riders’ ability, with a great emphasis placed on rider safety. Group lessons are available to provide interaction with other riders, through a collective learning process. Private and semi-private lessons are also available for the more serious rider.

A Covered Riding Arena ensures that the Club can offer riding tuition and host competitions in all weather conditions. The arena also boasts a mezzanine viewing gallery offering premium views for spectators of both indoor equestrian events and polo on the field.

Schedule & Course Fees
You can make time for riding in fast paced Singapore and being mindful of its humid climate, classes are scheduled to begin at 7 am, during weekdays. This is so that all working adults are able attend riding class, shower, and even have breakfast before heading off to work. In the evening, working adults will also find our 5.30 pm and 6.15 pm classes convenient and schedule-friendly. On Tuesdays and Thurdays, evening lessons are also available at 7.00 pm and 7.45pm. Those with children tend to opt for group lessons in the late afternoon or on Saturdays.

At present, lessons are not held on Mondays or Public Holidays. Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in horse and stable management sessions (care of the horse, including grooming and feeding, first aid, etc.). Many students find that these sessions allow them to bond with their horse and enable them to better understand their respective riding horses.

For further enquires, please contact the Riding Department at tel: 6854 3980 or
email: riding@singaporepoloclub.org

Trial Sessions
Horse riding is a physically exerting sport so all riders must to be fit before participating. It is mandatory to consult a doctor before commencement if you suffer these ailments:

• Back problems
• Allergies: horse hair / dust
• Other medical conditions e.g.: asthma, respiratory problems, Osteoporosis
• Any other physical disability, please seek advice with Riding Manager on suitability of riding


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