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Precautionary Measures Against The Risk and Spreading of COVID-19 - for Polo and Riding Community


We refer our Notice of 21 March 2020 on the subject matter of PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES AGAINST THE RISK AND SPREADING OF COVID-19, sent out to members and in particular, Point 3 which states:


“Anyone who has travelled overseas or is in contact with a person issued with a Leave of Absence (LOA), or Stay-Home Notice (SHN) and Quarantine Order (QO) within the last 14 days is strongly advised to exercise social responsibility and refrain from visiting the club for the safety and health of others. Those feeling unwell (e.g. who have symptoms of flu, cough, sore throat or runny nose) are requested to leave the club immediately to seek medical assistance or to stay home to rest.”

The Committee, having received feedback from a number of members seeking further clarity as to who would fall under Point 3 of the said Notice, has decided that polo and riding members are:

- allowed to ride, exercise or stick & ball their horses, but must observe appropriate social distancing, wear riding gloves and practice good hygiene at all times during and after the activity as outlined in current Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines concerning the corona virus situation. The respective grooms will tack up your horse and shall leave it within its stable for you to take out by yourself and tighten its girth, mount and dismount unassisted and then to return your horse to the stable. 

- allowed to visit the Club but must observe the appropriate social distancing and observe good hygiene practices as outlined in the MOH guidelines.

- to refrain from playing polo during the entire fourteen (14) day period from the day you returned to Singapore (if this was after 20 March 2020, 2359 hours), or from the day the person/persons you are living with i.e. family, friends or partners, began serving their QO or SHN.

Please note that the said Notice of 21 March 2020 and the above Points a), b) and c), apply to all members including those who are riding or playing polo, as well as to all employees such as, polo professionals, riding instructors and freelance instructors and professionals.

We would especially like to thank those members who, out of a sense of social responsibility, volunteered to withdraw from participating in the polo tournament on 21 & 22 March 2020.


The Committee