The Committee

The Committee


Committee 2018 / 2019

Mr Satinder Garcha


Mr Tan Hock

Vice President

Mr Ali Reda

Polo Captain

Ms Melissa Ko

Hon. Secretary

Mr Rickard Hogberg

Hon. Treasurer

Mrs Stephanie Masefield

Committee Member

Mr Greg Parkhurst

Committee Member

Ms Peggy Yeo

Committee Member

Mr Wee Tiong Han

Committee Member

Mr Daniel Chua

Committee Member

Trustee 2018 / 2019

  • Brian Miller
  • Iqbal Jumabhoy
  • Loh Kim Chah
  • John Wong

Sub-Committees 2018/2019

  • Polo
  • Ali Reda (Convenor)
  • Melissa Ko
  • Stephanie Masefield
  • Wee Tiong Han
  • Rickard Hogberg
  • Gerry Gan
  • Riding Academy
  • Rickard Hogberg (Convenor)
  • Melissa Ko
  • Peggy Yeo
  • Stephanie Masefield
  • Jackpot
  • Tan Hock (Convenor)
  • Ang Ban Tong
  • Gerry Gan
  • Outreach
  • Melissa Ko (Convenor)
  • Ivan Chua
  • Koh Pei Bei
  • Constitution Review
  • Melissa Ko (Convenor)
  • Rickard Hogberg
  • Disciplinary
  • Stephanie Masefield (Convenor)
  • Rickard Hogberg
  • Gerry Gan
  • Lifestyle, F&B & Sponsorship
  • Wee Tiong Han (Convenor)
  • Johanna Monange
The Club

Founded in 1886, during Singapore's colonial past, the Club has a long and fascinating history. Set in acres of lush, tropical grounds, the Singapore Polo Club is a world apart from Singapore's bustling pace yet located just minutes from the heart of the city's hectic business and commercial centre. The old world, rustic charm of the clubhouse with its open verandah and views of tropical greenery and open spaces provides a relaxing and understated, natural ambience.


The main focus of the Club is of course polo and more generally, equestrian sports, but other sports activities and facilities are also well represented. Members can either keep their own polo ponies at the club stables, or alternatively lease ponies from the Club's own string. Beginners, or those wishing to hone their skills may sign up for polo lessons with the Club's resident pros. For those interested primarily in horse riding, you can participate in any of the Club's varied Riding Section programmes and activities including basic riding, competitive dressage as well as show jumping at various levels, either in one to one or group lessons with our qualified riding instructors.


You may also choose to enjoy the pleasure of simply hacking along a wide selection of jungle trails that are accessible from the Club.


To be a sophisticated, vibrant and prestigious club with polo at its core, catering to the needs of the riding community, setting market benchmarks in quality while retaining its relaxed family-inclusive atmosphere and being the preferred choice of its members for lifestyle activities.


To be a pre-eminent polo club by creating tangible value for all members as well as other stakeholders, be they employees, commercial partners and the national sports effort, through professional management of our polo, riding and social activities by focussing on equestrian quality and the superior delivery of our objectives, projects and activities.


In all aspects of our activities, Singapore Polo Club is committed to core values of



We believe that high standards of sportsmanship must govern every aspect of our polo and equestrian activities, demonstrating fairness, good conduct and respect for the sport, fellow competitors, and officials.

Polo and Equestrian Performance

We believe in setting high standards in all our polo and equestrian activities and strive continuously to improve all aspects of these pursuits, including performance, instruction, horse training and stable management. We will endeavour to excel at international events.


We search for excellence in each and every service we provide and believe in new ideas and creative solutions for continuous improvement.


We value teamwork at all levels in the pursuit of our vision. We seek to create a club environment where members and staff respect one another. We believe in a structure where staff are motivated, achievements are recognised and the opportunity exists for personal development.


We believe that the management of the Club is guided by principles of fairness, openness and honesty.


We listen to our members, as well as other stakeholders and strive to exceed their collective expectations and aspirations in fulfilment of the Club’s Vision.


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